Peter Kypri AKA Cypriot Smurf

We welcome the very funny Peter Kypri to the show. Peter, also known as Cypriot Smurf, has a unique background and upbringing have had a profound influence on his perspective and creative endeavors. Born in London to a Greek Cypriot father and an Italian mother, he grew up in a multicultural household that was steeped in a rich tapestry of traditions, languages, and idiosyncrasies. However, it was at the age of 11 that his life took a significant turn as he moved to Cyprus, a move that would shape his sense of humor and artistic expression.

In addition to his unique upbringing and the cultural influences from his time in Cyprus, Peter has taken his creative endeavors across the globe. He has performed his stand-up comedy in three continents, namely Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom & Cyprus. This global exposure has allowed him to further refine his comedic style and share his insights and humor with diverse audiences around the world, adding an international dimension to his already rich tapestry of experiences and inspirations.

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Twitter/X:  /cypriotsmurf