Author, Artist, & Greek Mythology Podcaster Patrick Garner

We had the pleasure of chatting with Patrick Garner, one of our fantastic creators on GreekAFRadio with his amazing podcast all about Greek mythology.

Patrick is a writer, playwright, poet and artist. He has written stage plays and co-founded the off-Broadway Bright Lights Theatre in Providence, RI. Honored by the American Theater Critics Association for Arthur Rimbaud’s In Town, he has published A Series of Days of Change (a poetry collection), Playing with Fire, and D Is for Dingley (biographies), as well as numerous articles in national magazines and online professional development courses over the last two decades.

Garner, who lives in New England, has a degree in Visual Arts, with post-graduate studies in art, business and the environment. His paintings and etchings are in the collections of museums, universities and private collections from Los Angeles to NYC, Lithuania and Greece, New Orleans to Boston. In addition, he is a frequent contributor to the Greek Reporter, an on-line newspaper with more than ten million readers.

Listen to his breakout podcast series, Garner’s Greek Mythology. You can hear the episodes on Amazon, Apple, Spotify, iHeart, GreekAFRadio and other locations.

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