Greek American daredevil Jimmy “The Flying Greek” Koufos jumps 20 motorcycles in a school bus.

The year was 1980 and daredevil Jimmy "The Flying Greek" Koufos sought to answer the question that man had asked since the dawn of time: 

Can a school bus jump over 20 motorcycles?

The answer turned out to be yes and no, as the bus cleared the bikes but didn't quite stick the landing. Jimmy's down!

● Koufos hailed from Granada Hills, Calif., home to John Elway, Ryan Braun, Maurice Greene, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ashley Judd.

● Koufos reportedly was employed as a municipal bus driver by the city of LA for several years.

● NASCAR legend Cale Yarbrough offered this priceless analysis: "I’ll tell you the truth. I wouldn’t get out of the electric chair to get in that bus right now.”

● Koufos said he consulted a physicist about the jump, and revealed the physicist is his father-in-law. "I hope my father-in-law loves me, 'cause he figured all this out for me," he said.

● This was Koufos' first time trying a stunt of this magnitude, and this was his explanation for why: "Why? I don't know. This is exactly what I wanted to do, is to be the greatest. (Evel) Knievel, (Bubba) Blackwell, Gary Wells, look out, 'cause here I come."

We're not sure Koufos ever pulled off another insane stunt and we actually have no idea what ever became of The Flying Greek.