Why You Wouldn't Survive Life In Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece seems like it was a pretty great place. It was the birthplace of democracy, it had a flourishing arts scene, a vibrant mythology, and spectacular architecture. Prominent intellectuals like Aristotle and Plato made huge leaps in scientific reasoning. The land was fertile and the wine flowed like water.

Or did it?
Welcome back to Nutty History. Today, we’re looking at the dark side of ancient Greece, and why you probably wouldn’t survive there for very long.


Chapter Timestamps 
0:00 Intro to mid-roll ads
0:40 A Culture of War
1:51 Death you Shall Receive
3:37 A City of Slaves
5:20  A Deadly Plague
6:19 Deadly Cosmetics
7:13 The Bronze Age Collapse
8:37 Doomed Medicine