Alexia Melocchi on 11/01/2022

Hollywood Scam: Film accidents and Life Lessons

What happens when a movie that got advanced marketing and distribution turns out to be unsellable? In this season finale and solo episode, I go over my FIRST MISTAKE as an Entertainment Business executive and Company owner and the lessons learned in between.In the first of the Hollywood Scam Exposed

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Alexia Melocchi on 09/27/2022

The Heart of Presenting with Andrew Eggelton

You do not have to stand on a stage to be a Speaker. Being able to captivate an audience, big or small, can bring about the amplification of success in Business or the Arts.With over 28 years of Public Speaking and TV Presenting, Andrew Eggelton is sought to master what Authenticity truly means a

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 08/14/2022

Writing a Bestseller with David R. Stokes

David R. Stokes loves American history. And theology. He poured his creative juices into both areas by writing compelling stories and inspirational books. His fictional novels got him published by Random House, with a few of his books climbing the best seller charts. David first began working in ra

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Alexia Melocchi on 07/31/2022

Broadway Bound with Maite Uzal

What if you actually went after your dreams, even if it means leaving the familiar and safe choice behind?This is what Spanish actress Maite Uzal did. And it paid off: from being a lawyer in Spain to moving to America only to be cast in a starring role in the Broadway tour of the Fiddler on The Roof

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Alexia Melocchi on 07/18/2022

CRAZY CAT LADY with Garrett Clancy

This episode is not about me. Though many of you know, I have cats. My podcast guest is filmmaker Garrett Clancy, who directed a wonderful new documentary currently in release, CRAZY CAT LADY.It is said that documentaries are the new “cool” in visual storytelling, and this one is certainly a compel

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Alexia Melocchi on 07/03/2022

Winning the Life Game with Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell is a star athlete and yogi, a former NFL player who played for the New Orleans Saints. He also was the NFL's highest draft player at the time but then he suffered a spinal injury that put an end to his football career and his life trajectory changed dramatically. Drawing from his phys

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 06/19/2022

Star Casting with Valerie Mc Caffrey

Is Confidence what makes someone a Hollywood Star? In today’s episode with a seasoned casting director, we dive deep into what is that elusive X-Factor that allows an actor or actress to have a long-term career. Valerie Mc Caffrey has cast 121 movies and discovered stars like Edward Norton when s

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 06/05/2022

The Italian Angle with Marco Valerio Pugini

My podcast is global. We want to highlight artists and talent from all over the world because Hollywood is not just a town. Hollywood is a global film and tv machine and my guest today is Marco Valerio Pugini of PANORAMA FILM. What does a physical production executive actually do?Whenever you're fil

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 05/23/2022

Yes Man with David Winning

Canadian Director David Winning has shot 43 features, and 29 series, and has 180 TV credits overall. And he has yet to turn down a job.Join me in this inspiring conversation about being the master of your creative fate, the importance of running a happy set, and behind-the-scenes tales on those popu

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 05/08/2022

The Creator Economy with Eric Farber

My guest Eric Farber, founder of Creators Legal, chats with me today about the creator economy, NFTs, and the importance of IP ownership for artists in all areas including podcasters and influencers.Longtime attorney Eric Farber has launched Creators’ Legal, an online platform that offers contract t

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Alexia Melocchi on 05/02/2022

Hollywood Scam Exposed with Alexia Melocchi

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW SERIES HOLLYWOOD SCAMS AND HOW IT CAME ABOUT.Let’s Connect!Alexia Melocchi - WebsiteThe Heart of Show Business - WebsiteLittle Studio Films - WebsiteShop Our Merchandise!TwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedIn

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Alexia Melocchi on 04/24/2022

Ignite Possibilities with Sam Humphrey

Our host Alexia Melocchi talks with actor and producer Sam Humphrey in this episode of The Heart of Show Business. Sam is known for his roles in movies like The Greatest Showman where he played Tom Thumb. Originally from New Zealand, Sam has a unique life story that has shaped him into who he is tod

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 04/10/2022

The Art of Living on Purpose with Michael Nitti & Erica Nitti Becker

Can iving on purpose bring more happiness to our daily life and relationships? In this episode of The Heart of Show Business, I go deep into mindset tactics with my excellent guest Michael Nitti and his daughter Erica Nitti, who have worked together on their latest book, “Mastery: The Art of Livin

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 03/27/2022

Indie Film Producer with Betsy Sullenger

In this episode of The Heart of Show Business our host Alexia Melocchi talks with fellow experienced producer Betsy Sullenger. Betsy has been in the business for decades and has experience as a producer in features such as The Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse or Anaconda and in series such as D

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Alexia Melocchi on 03/13/2022


It is a dream of many best-selling authors to become screenwriters as a means of turning their books into movies. In this episode, you will get a glimpse of the reverse scenario- when a very successful Hollywood screenwriter channels his voice into books, with his latest novel YOU MIGHT FEEL A LITTL

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 02/27/2022

Inclusion In Hollywood with Craig T. Williams

Today’s guest is a writer and producer Craig T. Williams. In recent years, the conversation about inclusion and diversity in storytelling has gotten louder and stronger.For those who have no idea what the term BIPOC means, this episode is for you. It is also for you to about the journeys of the hust

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 02/14/2022

Love Journeys with Alexia Melocchi

The Heart of Show Business was created to celebrate trailblazers and changemakers in Hollywood and beyond.In this Valentine’s Day special solo episode, I bring you into my emotional world of the past month, with the loss of one of my fur family members, and my own journey to self-love. I will also

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 02/06/2022

Scoring Life with Christopher Tyler Nickel

40 percent of feeling in movies and television is done through music. It is often used to amplify the chemistry between actors or the importance of a scene. And it can also conceal production flaws or poor performances.What’s it like to be a composer in the Entertainment World? Today’s very special

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 01/23/2022

Acting Matters with Jonathan Silverman

Prolific actor Jonathan Silverman indirectly defined my movie business career. His hit movie Weekend At Bernie’s was one of the first films we helped distribute overseas.The son of a Rabbi, Jonathan caught the acting bug early on and was catapulted into Broadway, experiencing fame and fortune in 80’

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 01/09/2022

2022 Hacks for Creatives with Alexia Melocchi

New Year’s resolutions do not work. Choices do. In this Season 3 Solo podcast, I go over the 10 things that helped my Business and Life in 2021 and that I am carrying over into 2022.I believe them to be helpful to all creatives out there.This was a hard episode for me to release as it was recorded a

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 12/19/2021

Thank you notes with Erica and Vin Di Bona

Two words - THANK YOU - if truly heartfelt, can open more doors to happiness and success than ever imagined.There is a saying that goes your NETWORK is your NET WORTH. In this podcast episode, my guests, Erica Gerard Di Bona and Vin Di Bona are taking us on a journey of values, passion, and old-scho

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 12/05/2021

Entertainment Law Exposed with David Wienir

What does an Entertainment Lawyer really do and do creatives really need one? In this episode, we meet one of Hollywood’s top Entertainment Attorneys who truly cares for artists, because he is one.His weekly clubhouse session on entertainment law exposed drives hundreds of people every week to get

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 11/21/2021

Love Hacking with Susan Hum

Susan Hum is a thought leader and self-mastery expert specializing in the areas of love and relationship with a specific focus on emotional intelligence. Her own personal journey led Susan to achieve success in all pillars of life, family, career, business, and financial freedom. She is also the h

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 11/14/2021

Finding your Audience with Jim Fall

Director and writer Jim Fall is my guest today, and you don’t want to miss this conversation. He made his big splash in Hollywood in 1999 with the indie feature TRICK, showcased at Sundance. And then he went on to direct in 2003The Lizzie McGuire movie for Disney. At the time, it came in second afte

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