Alexia Melocchi on 04/13/2024

The Dance of Light and Shadow of the Cinematographer: a conversation with Kim Miles

Can the look of a movie or series tell the story as much as the actors in it? Let's deep dive into the world of the dance of light and shadow through the lens of Emmy-nominated cinematographer C Kim Miles.Kim's remarkable journey from the colorful bustle of Malaysia to the high-stakes soundstages

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 04/08/2024

From Script to Screen The Producer's Crucible

There has been such a black cloud over the job of Studio Producers in the recent years, so we decided to bring on a rainbow and give you a peak behind the Hollywood curtain of studio producer Carol Baum, a fixture in the industry with credits like "Father of the Bride," who shares a wealth of knowl

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 04/03/2024

Scripting the Perfect Hallmark Moment

Have you ever wanted to know what makes a Hallmark movie? In this episode I chat with prolific television producer Jon Eskenas, whose development and on set expertise has been credited to several Hallmark and Lifetime movies and series. Having enjoyed professional interaction and a peer to peer fri

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 03/25/2024

Guardians of the Wild: Women's Impact on Conservation and Cinema

My guest today is Vanessa Berlowitz, executive producer and founder of Wildstar Films, and the docuseries QUEENS currently airing on NAT GEO and DISNEY + where tales of female animals ruling their realms parallel the strides made by women behind the camera. Vanessa shares her experiences from the f

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 03/08/2024

Female Voices, Female Stories and the Journey Of True Form Films

Yeniffer Behrens is making HER CHOICES- in life and as an artist. I sat down with the power couple behind Latin X indie production companyTrueform Films, owned by Mauricio Mendoza and Yeniffer Behrens. to discuss their latest work, "Her Choices."Jennifer's personal saga of facing trauma, the echoe

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 03/07/2024

Embracing Individuality and Overcoming Obstacles with Matthew Kenslow

Matthew Kenslow, a name that symbolizes triumph and tenacity, joins us on the Heart of Show business podcast to share his extraordinary life's tapestry woven with threads of resilience and unique abilities. Living on the autism spectrum, Matthew's narrative is nothing short of uplifting—a beacon of

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 02/15/2024

How to Face your Fears and Take Back your Mind with Michael Bernard Beckwith

How can we radiate more love? How do we transcend Fear? How do we take back our minds to live our fullest potential?You do not want to miss this life-changing conversation with Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, the Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center. You may know him from "The Secret,"

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 01/24/2024

Breaking the Mold: Triumphs of a Greek Artist in Hollywood

Have you ever wondered what it's like to forge a career in Hollywood's glittering but daunting landscape, especially as an international actor? Join me, Alexia Melocchi, for a compelling conversation with Greek sensation Christos Vasilopoulos, who peels back the curtain on his Hollywood journey. Fr

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 12/14/2023

Unwrapping the World of Christmas Ornaments: the tradition of Artist Christopher Radko

In this special end-of-the-year Christmas themed podcast, I cover the fascinating world of Christmas ornaments with none other than the "czar of the Christmas present" himself, Christopher Radko of HEARTFULLY YOURS.This spiritual discussion is packed with stories that glisten with nostalgia and spar

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 11/30/2023

An Artful Expedition of Life and Culture with Finola Hughes

Everybody uses everybody, don't they? This is one of my personal favorite lines from the movie Staying Alive with John Travolta and Finola Hughes, as it does tend to ring true in Hollywood. But I have always believed that Hollywood is also filled with kind and true artists, and Finola fits the bill.

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 11/02/2023

One Shot at a Time with Jay Russell (Re-Release)

This episode will transport you to the director's chair as we navigate the world of filmmaking with director Jay Russell. Prepare to uncover the pros and cons of a film-to-digital transition, discover why Jay cherishes the film's aesthetic, and discover how instantaneous feedback during digital shoo

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 09/29/2023

The Power of Intuition in Show Business: A Conversation with Sid Ganis

What's it like to hold the reins of producing authority in the highly unpredictable and thrilling world of show business? Join us as we learn about the transition from the Studio System to indie producing with film industry heavyweight, Sid Ganis. This episode is a treasure trove of insights as Sid

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 09/05/2023

Holllywood hustle: what you did not know about the WGA/SAG strike

Hold on tight as we buckle up for a thrilling ride across the Hollywood on-strike tumultuous landscape with an eye-opening conversation with indie producer Jonathan Vanger. His vast experience as a veteran producer has him sharing the highs and lows of his journey, from Cannes Film Festival memories

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 08/29/2023

My Story of Authenticity: Building a Personal Brand in Show Business

In the kickoff episode of Season Five, join me, Alexia Melocchi, as we journey through the world of business branding, incorporating powerful themes like personal bravery and authenticity. I'll be sharing some of my experiences as an immigrant and a woman in Show Business and the single greatest pie

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 07/05/2023

2023 Cannes Film Festival 13 Takeaways

Welcome to episode 75 of "Heart of Show Business," my milestone podcast journey filled with entertainment industry knowledge, inspiration, and mindset tactics. As we wrap up this season, I want to express my gratitude to all my listeners. Get ready for an exciting season finale and a sneak peek into

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 05/11/2023

Life strategies with Phyllis King

Phyllis King is an intuitive life strategist whose lessons have helped tens of thousands worldwide break through their limits to create dynamic shifts in their lives. She teaches about the law of attraction, the art of receiving, connecting to your life’s purpose, overcoming fear and doubt, attracti

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 04/27/2023

Pursuing Excellence with Marty Katz

So you want to be a Hollywood producer. But what does it take to make it in today’s industry? It’s not all glamour—it’s hard work, disappointment, persistence—all in the pursuit of excellence. In this week’s podcast, we feature Marty Katz. If his name is familiar, it’s because he's been a Hollywood

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 04/06/2023

Herd Around The Barn with Kathy Stevens

What’s the most urgent social change movement right now? Perhaps ending poverty, gender equality, or inclusion comes to mind—what about the rights of sentient species? To raise a life for dispassionate mass consumption, waste, and greed is a delay in our evolution as a species. Until we recognize th

A Alexia Melocchi
Alexia Melocchi on 03/23/2023

Just Breathe with Jon Paul Crimi

You’ve heard of following your dream, but have you ever considered following your destiny? For many artists in Hollywood, rejection is served on a cold platter. How does one handle that kind of stress—to center oneself, to love oneself in spite of rejection? Jon Paul Crimi teaches a technique called

A Alexia Melocchi