Patrick Garner on 01/18/2024

EP 57: How The Gods Began

For almost 60 episodes, I’ve talked about the glory of the Greeks during the golden years of ancient Greece. I’ve also talked about when worship of the gods ended. In this new episode we go back to the beginning, to the so-called Dark Ages of Greece, to the time when the gods first revealed themselv

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Patrick Garner on 10/30/2023

EP 56: Do This To Live A Good Life

EP 56: Do this to live a good lifeThe Greek world centered around Delphi for two reasons. One — the world’s most famous oracle resided there. Two — the secrets to a good life were carved into the marble sides of Apollo’s temple. One had only to walk the temple grounds to gain the priceless insights

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Patrick Garner on 10/19/2023

EP 55: The Mysterious Goddess of Persuasion

In the politics of Athens' new democracy, one goddess reined supreme: Peitho. She was the unheralded goddess of persuasion. Her influence brought down the philosopher Socrates. She could make any man silver-tongued, and all of her favorites became powerful orators. Join us as we meet this powerful —

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Patrick Garner on 09/18/2023

EP 54: The Gods of Alexander the Great

There’s nothing like divine intervention to ensure success. Of course, things can go badly when it ends. Follow Alexander’s 10-year military career that earned him the moniker “Alexander the Great.”If you love this podcast, you'll also enjoy Garner's audible novel about the gods, Homo Divinitas, now

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Patrick Garner on 05/01/2023

EP 53: The Doomed Love of Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus, Apollo’s son, became famous for his extraordinary music and poetry. As talented as he was, he was unable to find love. But one golden afternoon he saw Eurydice, a beautiful nymph. The two fell in love.But their love was fated to be short. When Eurydice died, Orpheus descended to Hades’ unde

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Patrick Garner on 04/21/2023

EP 52: Persephone's Gift

The goddess Persephone was queen of the Underworld. To the amazement of the other divinities, she became the wisest of them all. On rare occasions she would invite humans to visit her in that dark place.In this episode we recount her visit with Parmenides, the pre-Socratic philosopher who influenced

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Patrick Garner on 03/15/2023

EP 51: The Dark Goddess Persephone

One goddess alone ruled in the ancient underworld. She was Persephone, although the Greeks dared call her only The Goddess.She had been dragged unwillingly into that gloom by Hades, but she quickly adapted to her circumstances. Mysteriously, she, among all the gods, became the treasury of dark knowl

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Patrick Garner on 02/05/2023

EP 50: Delos, Island of the Gods

2,500 years ago Delos was the most sacred island in Greece. As the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, it was destined to become both the holiest of sanctuaries and a wealthy trading center. Its downside was that it was also the region’s largest slave market. Amidst all the temples and sanctimony, tr

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Patrick Garner on 01/11/2023

EP 49: The Goddess of Fortune

How many of us know about the Goddess Tyche? Today this powerful divinity is largely forgotten. But 2,500 years ago, she was believed to determine the day-to-day fortunes of every Greek.If your ship was tossed against rocks as you steered through a storm, it wasn’t your fate as much as your fortune.

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Patrick Garner on 12/10/2022

EP 48: Goddesses in the Modern World

In this episode Garner takes the listener on a pleasant hike in the countryside. But the city dweller stumbles upon a strange scene that may involve Athene, Artemis or Aphrodite. Upon returning to the city our hiker encounters the same woman in a coffee shop. Yet within minutes she vanishes. Intrigu

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Patrick Garner on 11/17/2022

EP 47: All That Lasts

Novel 4 of The Naxos Quartet sums up the most important things in life — love and belonging. In this episode Garner reads a brief selection from the book, focusing on a dramatic moment in the return of Inanna, Gaia, Timessa and Dionysos.The Naxos Quartet includes The Winnowing, Cycladic Girls, Homo

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Patrick Garner on 08/07/2022

EP 46: Julian Jaynes & The Delphic Oracle

In 1976 an obscure psychologist from Princeton University published a book titled, “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.” It was a sensation, not in small part because Jaynes postulated that before modern consciousness occurred, the voices humans heard in their head we

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Patrick Garner on 07/31/2022

EP 45: Interview with Greek AF Radio

EP 45: Interview with Greek AF RadioIn this episode we join hosts Ari and Foti of Greek AF Radio as they interview Patrick Garner on a wide-ranging array of mythology topics.Garner discusses his creative background, his novels and the inspiration for the podcast itself. Greek AF Radio is the world’

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Patrick Garner on 06/23/2022

EP 44: The Dark Years

When Greece became part of the Roman empire in 146 B.C., the Olympic gods were still dominant. But the gods had begun to drift away even then. This episode tracks their willful retreat from the lives of mankind.Narrated by mythologist and best-selling author, Patrick Garner, Garner's Greek Mythology

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Patrick Garner on 06/15/2022

EP 43: Violence — Human and Divine

In Episode 43 we analyze the impact of violence on the ancient Greeks. It was everywhere — the product of men constantly warring with each other and the result of gods randomly exerting their power.Far too often the gods precipitated war solely for their own enjoyment … Men waged war to replenish sl

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Patrick Garner on 05/12/2022

EP 42: The Divine Voice

Episode 42: The Divine VoiceWelcome to Episode 42 where we hear a divine voice — or rather, we hear about how Socrates was guided throughout his life by a spiritual voice called a daimon. This daimon accompanied him from his cradle to his death.Socrates was hardly alone in hearing a divine voice. Th

P Patrick Garner
Patrick Garner on 04/12/2022

EP 41: Pygmalion — From Ivory to Flesh

Welcome to Episode 41 where we meet the ancient King of Cyprus, Pygmalion. The sculpture he creates of a beautiful woman changes his life — and provides inspiration for artists for another 3,000 years.King Pygmalion falls madly in love with the statue. Praying to Aphrodite to find him a woman as bea

P Patrick Garner
Patrick Garner on 03/13/2022

EP 40: The Gods Are Here Now

Welcome to Episode 40. Now we leave ancient Greece and shift to contemporary America. The old gods have come to the suburbs of Pennsylvania to play — and to save the world.The three Fates, plus Artemis, Athene, Aphrodite and the ancient goddess Nyx — all appear in order to thwart scientists who are

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Patrick Garner on 02/13/2022

EP 39: Dionysus, The Bacchae & The Fate Of Thebes

Welcome to Episode 39. In this episode we enter the city of Thebes with the god Dionysus, who returns to his mother’s home seeking revenge. There he converts the city’s women and girls to Bacchae, or followers of Bacchus, another name for Dionysus.He is arrested by the young King Pentheus and events

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Patrick Garner on 01/22/2022

EP 38: The Curse of the House of Atreus

Welcome to Episode 38. In this episode we follow six cursed generations known as the House of Atreus. A classic Greek tragedy, the story involves gods and men, wives and daughters, and spans 800 miles of geography from Troy to Athens.Like so many of these tales, it begins with Zeus, who has a son wh

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Patrick Garner on 12/19/2021

EP 37: Centaurs - The Strange Horse-Men

Welcome to Episode 37. Imagine beasts that are half-horse and half-man. They’re crude. Their weapons are broken branches and rocks. The ancient Greeks called them Centaurs.But among them was a unique and sophisticated being. A centaur named Kheiron (pronounced Sheer-roan) was so wise and wily that g

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Patrick Garner on 11/28/2021

EP 36: Ancient Sacrifice - Gifts for the Gods

Welcome to Episode 36. Today we examine the difficult topic of sacrifice. The discussion of killing animals upsets many people. If you’re one of them, this may be an episode to avoid.Sacrifice was so common in the ancient world that no one thought twice about the practice. On the contrary, sacrifice

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Patrick Garner on 11/14/2021

EP 35: Greek Priestesses - Power-Brokers for the Gods

Welcome to Episode 35. In this show we identify the most exalted and powerful mortal women in Greece. Who were they? ... Priestesses, serving goddesses, and in some cases, gods.These women were the equivalent of today’s superstars. Their names were known by everyone, they conducted sacrifices, and t

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Patrick Garner on 10/31/2021

EP 34: The Muses -- Where Art Begins

Welcome to Episode 34! Here we take our inspiration from the Muses, nine goddesses and daughters of the mighty Zeus.3,000 years ago they lit the fire behind every masterpiece. Many of us say they play the identical role today, inspiring songwriters, poets, playwrights and writers.They inspired artis

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