Hellenic Leaders on 12/07/2023

The Greeks of Egypt: A bridge between Europe and the Middle East

With diplomatic relations between Greece and Egypt deepening over the last years, there has been a renewed focus on the ties binding these two Mediterranean countries. One link that is back in the spotlight is the historic Greek community in Egypt, which for the last 200 years has maintained ties wi

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Hellenic Leaders on 12/06/2023

Preparing for Erdogan's visit to Athens

Athens will take center stage on Thursday as Turkey’s President Erdogan visits Greece’s capital to meet with Prime Minister Mitsotakis amid a sense of reserved optimism. While observers do not expect much movement on the thorny issues in the relationship, Athens is looking forward to a continuation

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Hellenic Leaders on 12/05/2023

Mitsotakis at COP28: Renewables and the "new Greece" that is emerging

This weekend at COP28 Prime Minister Mitsotakis stated that despite the “climate devastation” experienced this year “a new Greece is emerging” that will see renewables, where Greece had “one of the best performances of any European country,” take center stage. Nikos Tsafos, the chief energy advisor

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Hellenic Leaders on 12/02/2023

200 years later: The Monroe Doctrine, the Greek Revolution, and US-Greece ties

Exactly 200 years ago, President Monroe outlined what became known as the Monroe doctrine, a doctrine that framed US foreign policy for nearly a century. Just as Monroe was formulating this new policy, however, an unexpected event occurred: The Greek Revolution. Professor Aristotle Tziampiris, the a

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Hellenic Leaders on 12/01/2023

Lessons from Kissinger's legacy in Cyprus and the East Med

Henry Kissinger, the controversial former US National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, passed away on Wednesday, aged 100. He was both celebrated and reviled, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize while being roundly condemned by many as a war criminal. The regions and conflicts that Kissinger int

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/30/2023

Greece makes it clear: Albania's EU hopes hinge on Beleri case

On Wednesday Greece filed a written statement with the Council of the European Union stating it will not support Albania’s EU accession process as long as the case of the imprisoned ethnic Greek mayor elect of Himare, Fredi Beleri, remains unresolved. The move comes as Greece has come under EU press

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/29/2023

Britain's own goal over the Parthenon Sculptures

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s last minute cancellation of his meeting with Prime Minister Mitsotakis over the Parthenon Sculptures this week has caused a diplomatic row between Greece and the UK, with Athens calling Sunak’s decision “unprecedented” and “disrespectful.” Bruce Clark, a contribu

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/28/2023

Greece prepares for upcoming Erdogan visit to Athens

In about two weeks Minister Mitsotakis and Turkish President Erdogan will meet in Athens, marking the third meeting in five months between the two leaders. While the frequency of their meetings and the de-escalation of tensions are positives, the absence of tensions or conflict does not mean normali

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/23/2023

Greek floods and wildfires a wake up call for climate action?

This week Prime Minister Mitsotakis unveiled a recovery plan in wake of this summer’s deadly wildfires in Evros and catastrophic floods in Thessaly, outlining a series of initiatives to address the climate crisis. Expert Konstantina Karydi joins Thanos Davelis to discuss this plan and look at whethe

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/22/2023

Cyprus ready to launch a maritime aid corridor for Gaza

On Monday Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides said Cyprus is fully ready to launch a maritime aid corridor for Gaza. Cyprus plans to use its port of Larnaca to gather international aid and send it on to Gaza, as it is one of the closest places in the EU to the Gaza Strip. Jack Parrock, Deutsche

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/21/2023

Can PASOK overtake SYRIZA as Greece's main opposition?

While SYRIZA is embroiled in an internal crisis that has seen key politicians ditch the party and even contemplate creating a new political grouping in parliament, the latest opinion polls show the center left PASOK overtaking left-wing SYRIZA for second place. Tom Ellis, the editor in chief of Kath

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/18/2023

The ongoing threats to religious sites in Turkey

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom published an in-depth report this week examining threats to religious properties in Turkey, including places of worship, religious institutions, and cemeteries. This research looks at various threats and attacks over the last two decade

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/17/2023

Sweden's NATO bid delayed as Erdogan strains Turkey's ties with the West

The Turkish parliament's foreign affairs commission delayed a vote on Sweden's NATO membership bid on Thursday in a further setback to the Nordic country's hopes of joining the Western alliance after 18 months of delays that have left NATO allies frustrated. The move comes as Turkey’s President Erdo

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/16/2023

Greece: From Europe's black sheep to a world leader in debt reduction

On Tuesday Prime Minister Mitsotakis highlighted to German Chanellor Olaf Scholz that Greece has the fastest rate of debt reduction in the world. From around 206% of GDP in 2020, Greek debt is expected to decline this year to around 160% of GDP, and this downward trajectory is expected to continue t

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/15/2023

The changing dynamics in Greece's ties with Germany

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was just in Germany, where he met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Migration, Turkey, energy issues, and the Middle East dominated the discussion, while the economy, once the top issue dominating relations between Athens and Berlin, took a backseat, reflecting G

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/14/2023

SYRIZA's rough weekend: Greece’s main opposition breaks up

Following several weeks of tensions, a left-wing faction within SYRIZA, Greece’s main opposition, announced on Sunday that it was peeling off, accusing newly elected leader Stefanos Kasselakis of “Trumpian practices” and abandoning the party’s core left wing ideology for a sort of “right-wing populi

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/11/2023

Cypriot diplomacy and the plan to ship humanitarian aid to Gaza

The Cypriot plan to supply Gaza with humanitarian aid, presented by President Nikos Christodoulides at the Paris Peace Forum this week, is gaining traction, particularly among EU member states. The planned sea corridor, in which Cyprus seeks a central role, was also the main issue discussed by Cypri

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/10/2023

Egypt's difficult balancing act amid the war in Gaza

Egypt has been coming under “conflicting pressures” as the war in Gaza unfolds, both from Israel, the US, the EU, Hamas, and its public, all while looking at a potential economic crisis at home, leading to a difficult balancing act for Egypt. Despite these pressures, Egypt’s role in this conflict ha

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/08/2023

Turkey’s main opposition ousts longtime leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu

Turkey’s main opposition party ousted its longtime leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu this weekend following his comprehensive loss in the presidential elections earlier this year. Members of the Republican People’s party (CHP) voted on Sunday to replace Kılıçdaroğlu with Özgür Özel, who has called for refor

H Hellenic Leaders
Hellenic Leaders on 11/07/2023

The DFC's $125 million investment in Greece's Elefsina Shipyard

On Monday Scott Nathan, the CEO of the US International Development Finance Corporation, or the DFC, signed a financing agreement for a $125 million loan to ONEX Elefsis Shipyards and Industries to rehabilitate and modernize the Elefsina shipyard near Athens. The investment will develop the Elefsin

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Hellenic Leaders on 11/04/2023

Souda Bay takes center stage amid regional instability

The wars in Ukraine and in the Middle East have highlighted not only Greece’s role, but specifically the important role the naval base at Souda Bay - often described as the “crown jewel” of US-Greece military cooperation - plays in the Eastern Mediterranean. As Souda Bay takes center stage amid this

H Hellenic Leaders
Hellenic Leaders on 11/03/2023

The Athens Riviera emerges as an international real estate hotspot

The Athenian coastline - known as the Athens Riviera - is quickly emerging as a real estate hotspot, attracting both high end Greek and foreign investors, digital nomads, and tourists. A recent special report in Kathimerini has even called it the “El Dorado” of real estate as the area - despite havi

H Hellenic Leaders
Hellenic Leaders on 11/02/2023

Turkey's centenary: Has Erdogan eclipsed Ataturk?

Turkey marked its 100th year as a republic on October 29th, and Turks have been debating the country's evolution and how it measures up to the vision of the deeply secular Kemal Ataturk. While celebrations focused on the previous 100 years, it is also clear that President Erdogan’s ambition is to us

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